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The Ryoho Wellness Show

Feb 28, 2019

How to be super healthy during Autumn, how to work with the season to optimise your wellness, what foods to eat, how to cook, what to let go of, how to transition away from summer, what autumn is good for from a mindfulness point of view, the top 3 things we can do during this season so we move effortlessly into the...

Feb 21, 2019

How to get the best out of your wellness in 2019, how to change your belief systems around wellness, what to do if you feel a bit unfocussed on your health, how to bottle up some of the energy you've gained over your holidays for the whole year and what the three stages of life are, in wellness terms.

Feb 1, 2019

The signposts of being sick and unwell including physical complaints such as headaches, being over-weight, back-ache, knee problems, hormonal problems, hip problems, anger/temper, anxiety, negativity and addictions and how the body can heal itself. Reframing and redefining what it means to be sick, can transform you...